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A little help? T_T

I do apologize if your eyes crosses this exact entry more than once. I don't believe i have quite mastered the livejournal other than knowing my rough intentions in mind and well, trying the best i can to achieve it ^_^;;

I am a student from Monash University and in my Feature Writing Class, we were asked to prepare a News Feature on a topic of choice. Well, that combined with my current interest with fanfiction, i thought it perfect to write a piece on fanfic writers. I think i have read some interesting stories of fanfic writers via their brief author's notes and wish to go indepth with the subject.

One of the stories i've read was written by a dyslexic woman and another was a grade school teacher supporting yaoi ^_^;;. Writers who are unfamiliar with a foreign language but chose to write and pursue their ideas for the sake of fanfiction.

If you have a story to tell of your experience with fanfiction and wish me to interview you, please drop me a line. If there be a way for me to contact either of the above, please let me know as well.

On an offside, who would you consider to be the most well-known writer in the fanfic-verse?

A reply, any reply would be nice.


P.S. Just pushing this in the clear, if you do not wish to be named and remain anynonymous, i would be more than happy to arrange it.
P.P.S. If you live in Malaysia and you're willing to be interviewed, drop me a line at the e-mail as well.

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Well... a friend just happened to see this and somehow direct me to this site. Yes, I'm a anime fanfic writer. Well... the part of interview kind of surprised me much. LOL. But well... if you'd like to talk about that casually, you're free to drop by and we'll have a chat or something.
That'd be cool!! Haha!! I thought doing a piece on fanfiction would be interesting as there aren't that many pieces on it out there. Haha.

You live in Malaysia? Oh that's so cool!
What time would you be free? May we meet anywhere? What sort of fanfic do you write?

Okay, that was the sudden burst of question.

An internet conversation would be interesting as well.

Thanks so much for replying!
Yeah I live in Malaysia, mostly free in the afternoons. If you lived around Subang Jaya or PJ... perhaps Sunway Piramid would be nice place to meet.

Or otherwise... if you have msn, (or i think YMessenger also had the fuction to add MSN user?) then you can also IM me about it.

My msn was the same with my LJ username btw.
honou_no_izumi at hotmail. com
Oh... and I write mostly anime fanfics. Occasionally I wrote fanfics on Video Games or books.
That'd be cool!
Tomorrow would be too soon. Huhu..
What about this Friday, around 2-3ish?
Okay~~ where in piramid wanna meet? I'll email you my number just in case.


August 21 2007, 17:16:32 UTC 10 years ago

I was thinking starbucks cause that can be found rather easily. I'll mail you mine as well. Thanks you so much for your trouble. I really appreciate this!
your welcome. Starbucks it is. ^^
I might be late tho. I'll call if couldn't come.
Haha ^_^ please do!!

Or... would it be better if we reschedule?