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Fic: Warriors Heart

TitleWarriors Heart
Author: plantress
Anime/Manga:Saint Sieya/Fushigi Yugi
Summary:Crossover. Yui though she was safe after Tenko was destroyed. She was dead wrong. This world has gods and their warriors as well. Now the Seiryu priestess is about to be drawn in the struggles between them...

It felt odd to be going to school the next day. It was even odder to think that it had only been a day since Ashitare had shown up. As Yui walked into the school yard she felt her thoughts wandering, and barely noticed when her feet did the same thing.

“Yui-chan?” Miaka called, snapping her out of her thoughts. The former priestess blinked, then realized she had begun to walk toward the back of the school. Yui froze then made up her mind.

“Lets go see what all the fuss is about.” She called back to Miaka, and pointed at the crowd of students gathered in the back.

“Oh?” Miaka ran over to join her. “Isn’t that where Ashitare was.”

“Yeah, that’s why I want to know what happened.” But getting over to the area proved difficult. Students were pack so deeply around it, it took her and Miaka several minuets to get near enough to see what everyone was looking at. Yui sucked in her breath. Yellow warning tape surrounded a large crater in the ground, one that was very near where she had last seen Ashitare….

“Yuki-san!” A voice cried. Miaka turned.

“Kana-san! What happened?”

“Don’t you know?” The other girl seemed surprised. “It’s all over the school! Apparently there was a gas leak after school the other day and caused people to see a bunch of weird thing! Then the gas leak caused an explosion!” Yui had wondered what explanation they would come up with, but this one seemed a little…weak. Even if she hadn’t known what had really happened.

“Really!?” Miaka sounded surprised “But…“ Yui shook her head at her friend.

“Miaka…” She said warningly then dragged her the former Suzaku priestess away. “Don’t say anything to anyone alright!?”

“But Yui, Ashitare might still be running around! What if he comes back, we have to warn everyone somehow!”

“And how are we suppose to do that?” Yui asked. “Tell everyone there’s a wolf man on the loose? No one’s going to take you seriously.” When she saw that Miaka still looked worried she sighed.
“Look..” She said hitting her on the shoulder. “Ashitare is only after you or me. We’ll just have make sure he doesn’t get anyone else involved.”

“Yui…” The blond tried not to show how scared she felt. This as not the world of the book. There would be no warriors to sweep in and save them if the wolf man did show up again. But…they would have to run. Yui did not want any more people to die because of her or Miaka. She had already caused enough suffering in the other world, she would make the same mistakes here. But I don’t want to have to make the decisions! I’m a normal high-school girl, I shouldn’t have to think about dieing to protect other people! This is suppose to over.
“Yui-chan?” She shook her head.

“Lets get to class Miaka.” She tried to sound cheerful, but unlike Miaka it as hard for her. “If something happens I’m sure we’ll know about it!” They walked into the school. Her friend looked like she wanted to say something but by then they were surrounded by more students and she didn’t get to say anything more than a ‘see you later’ as they split up to find their classrooms.

Yui walked in to hers and was greet with squeals and shrieks. She sighed. Most of the others students were staying far away from the knot of girls in the center of the room. As class representative it was her job to make sure they weren’t disturbing anyone.

“I can’t believe they were right here! They look even cuter in person!”
“Why didn’t I see them! Club had to meet yesterday!”
“Did you talk to them…?”

“What’s going on here?” All the girls looked up as she walked over.

“Ah, Hongo-san! It’s just this picture that Kana took with her cell phone yesterday…!” One of them said.

“You mean of the explosion?” Yui frowned, wondering if one of the girls had managed to capture and image of Ashitare.

“No!” Kana sounded startled. “I had already left school by the time that happened! No, look who was standing outside the school gate!” The girl shoved her phoned in to Yui’s hand. On the screen was a picture of two boys their age, one with bright blood hair and one with green. She started blankly at it for several seconds. The green haired boy looked vaguely familiar although she didn’t remember meeting him before… “Are you alright?” Suddenly his face, much closer and cleared than this flashed through her mind. Although she had been more concerned about getting away, she still did remember his face.

“You know who he is?” She whispered, wonder why the girls were so excited. They couldn’t have seen what had happened, as far as she knew only her and Miaka had been that area when they two had rescued them.

“Of course! It’s Shun and Hyoga! Don’t you remember them Hongo-san?” Kana sounded surprised. Yui was forced to shake her head, although she felt as if she should remember them. “But they were famous a couple of years ago! They were in the Galaxian Tournament!”

That name Yui remembered. In the time that seemed like it was eternity ago, before they knew about the World of the Four Gods and before Tamahome, Miaka had been crazy about it. Half the guys had been really good looking that was why Miaka had stayed glued to the screen each time a new match was broadcasted. And she had been very impressed by the fetes of the boys in the tournament

“Wow! Did you see that Yui!?”

“Don’t be too amazed Miaka, it’s probably just a bunch of special effects and stuff.”


“Humans can’t do stuff like that. The Graude Foundation probably just took a bunch of cute guys and hired them to fight each other for a publicity stunt.”

“You take the fun out of everything….Kyaaa! Look Yui, it’s Shun!”

That was what she had said, but that was before everything had happened. Before she had nearly been consumed by a God and seen the warriors that protected the Priestesses….

“Hongo-san?” Yui blinked and forced herself back to the present.

“Can you….send me the picture?” Kana looked startled then grinned.

“Sure!” The bell rang then and they all scrambled for their seats as the teacher walked in. For once in her life Yui wasn’t paying attention to the teacher. She kept returning to that tiny picture that was in the camera. They had both jumped in front of her and Miaka yesterday. Now that thought back on it she didn’t remember them being scared yesterday, at the very least they hadn’t acted as if they were frightened of the wolf man in front of them But why where they here?

There had been a lot of hype about the Galaxian Tournament, but she hadn’t really paid much attention to it. The only reason she had even watched it all was because of Miaka, and she had even really been paying attention during the broadcasts. Now she wished she had been. She vaguely remembered something they had talked about…about the constellations. I’ll ask Miaka about it. Maybe she remembers something.

In the end she had to wait until lunch to actually find Miaka. When she opened the door to her friends class room, the former Suzaku priestess was still eating.

“Miaka!” She called. Said girl looked up and waved.

“Ewey-han!” Miaka said around a mouthful of food. She swallowed quickly. “What are you doing here?”

“We need to talk.” Yui grabbed her friend’s wrist and pulled her away from the girls she had been eating with.

“But my cream puffs..!”

“Later!” Yui dragged her out of the class room all together, then down the hall.

“Where are we going?” Miaka mumbled around a cake she had managed to grab as the left.

“Somewhere we can’t he over heard.”


“It’s about Ashitare.” Miaka didn’t say anything else. Yui pushed opened the door that lead outside, and dragged Miaka out after making sure there was no one around.

“Are you sure we’re safe out here?”

“We should be.” Yui pulled out her phone. She showed Miaka the picture that Kana had took. “Here, look at this.”

“Huh?” Miaka blinked. “Who are they? You aren’t cheating on Tetsuya are you!?”

“Of course not!” Yui snapped. “Kana took that!” She shook her head. “Anyway don’t they look familiar to you at all?”

“A little bit.” Miaka squinted. “I think we’ve seen them before….” The brunettes eyes went wide. “Yui! These are the guys from yesterday aren’t they?”

“Yes. Kana-san said they were out in front of the school when she left.” Yui took a deep breath. “And she said they were in the Galaxain Tournament.” Miaka’s mouth dropped into an o and she looked at the picture again.

“Ehhh? It’s Shun! I can’t believe I didn’t recognize them before! Do you know what this means?”


“We missed getting their autographs!”

Yui groaned and smacked Miaka on the back of the head. “Be serious!” She scolded! “What this means is that all those things we thought were special effects were the real thing! Can you remember anything they said about these guys?”

“Not really.” Miaka turned an accusing stare on her friend. “What about you Yui-chan? Your better at remembering stuff than I am!”

“I’m not the one who was a member of their fan clubs and sat so close to the TV screen I almost had my face pressed against it! Do you remember anything that might be useful”

“Ah.” Miaka looked at the phone again. “Hey! I know why I didn’t recognize them at first! They are wearing their armor!”


“Don’t you remember? Each of them wore these weird looking armor things…only they didn’t call it armor they called it something else. The announcer said each of the suites of armor was biased…” Miaka trailed off.

“Biased off…?” Yui prompted.

“Off a constellation…” Miaka finished softly. Yui paled as Miaka looked up and meet her eyes.
“What does it mean, Yui? I mean they can’t be like the Celestial Warriors…can they?”

“I don’t know.” Yui sighed. “Do you remember anything else about them?”

“Ummm…Shun was the Andromeda Saint…and Hyoga was a bird , I think a duck or something..”

“That’s not that helpful And how did you managed to remember that when you can barely remember you home work?”


Yui took back her phone. “But at least we know something….”

“Yeah…” Miaka sounded unsure still.

“Look…” The former Seiryu priestess said thoughtfully. “We have to let everyone else know about this.”

“Taka’s picking me up after club!” Miaka said. “I can tell him then!”

“Good idea. I don’t have club today, so I’ll tell Tetsuya, and he can tell your brother.”

“Alright….but will you be alright by your self Yui?” Miaka sounded concerned.

“I’ll be fine. If it makes you fell any better, I’ll try to stay with the crowds on the way home.”



The rest of lunch, and the day, speed by. Yui frowned as she gathered up her things. She had told Miaka she would be careful, but she had been taking care to If Ashitare comes after me, I’m dead. Her only hope was to stay near people and hope she could find some place to hide if he came after. Not that it’s likely….he tracked Miaka across half a city and managed to find us at school. She took a deep breath. Not point worrying now. I’ve faced worse. Her hand crept up and fingered the blue earring she wore almost constantly. It reassured her somewhat, and she picked up her bag. She had faced down a Nakago and survived….even if was only because of the help of someone else.

Outside she followed a bunch of other students out, wondering how she was going to find a way to stay in a crowd at all times. She guessed she could call Tetsuyua but…

A squeal nearby her made her jump. She looked over heart pounding and saw Kana jumping up and down looking excited. Annoyance at her classmate was quickly washed away when she saw where the girl was looking. It was them.

She had no way of knowing for sure why the two…what had Miaka called them again, Saint,…..where here again but she had a good idea. They must have come looking for Ashitare…. No one had said anything about their being bodies in the back of the school, and given the way gossip traveled, they would have known if they had been trying to keep it quiet. I figured that they had all survived, I just did expect them not to be hurt at all! And they at least looked fine. They might have injuries that that she could see, but some Yui doubted that. If they had been that hurt then she didn’t think they would come all the way here. Suddenly the blond, Hyoga, looked up a for a split second their eyes meet. She looked away quickly.

She did not want them to see her. A normal person wouldn’t not have even been able to survive against a wolf-man who had killed a Suzaku warrior, let alone walk away for the fight unharmed. Even if she hadn’t known that they had been in the Galaxian Tournament, she would have figured something was wrong. Until she figured out more about them she did not want them not notice her. Just because they had saved her life yesterday did not mean that they were ‘good guys’ . Nakago had driven that lesson home to her.

Yui was careful as she made her way over the gate. There were a lot of girls gathered there staring at the two, and though she had manage to avoid them by keep on the other side of the fan girls but her luck apparently ran out.

“Excuse me?” Someone touched her shoulder gently. Yui tensed, then forced herself to relax as he turned around, even knowing who she would see behind her.

“Yes?” She said trying to sound surprised. “What do you want?”

“Your from yesterday aren’t you?” Shun said. His eyes looks so gentle and he’s so delicate… The thoughts flashed through Yui’s mind when she saw the young man up close. Then she swallowed. Her first though had been to say that he had the wrong person, but she didn’t think they would buy that.

“Ye.yes.” She said finally. If I act normal, I doubt they’ll suspect anything. “I want to thank you for yesterday. If you hadn’t come by yesterday I think we would probably be dead right now.”

“Your welcome.” Shun smiled. “Where’s your friend? Is she alright?”

“She fine…she’s at club today.” Yui looked down. “It’s too bad though she would really have liked to get your autograph. She was part of your fan club.” Shun blinked.

“Wha?” He said. “I rescued one of my fan girls?” There was a snort of laugher from behind him and he turned to glare at his friend. The blonde grinned then turned his gaze toward her.

“Do you know why that thing was here?” He asked. She felt her heart stop. Does he know something, but how could he Ashitare is from the world of the book. She gave herself a mental shake and looked away.

“Hyoga?” Shun muttered.

“ would I know what a monsters thinking..” Yui said quickly. “It probably just attacked us because we were all alone.” She chanced a peek at Hyoga. He was eyeing her suspiciously. She swallowed. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go.” She turned and began to walk away.

“Wait.” Hyoga said and she felt him grab her shoulder. “Are you sure that you don’t know anything?”

“YUI!” She had never been so relived to hear Tetsuya’s voice before. He was standing at the end of the street waving at her.

“That’s my boyfriend..” She said putting emphasis on the word. “I have to go now.” When she pulled away, Hyoga didn’t try to hold her back, but she could swear she felt his eyes on her back until she reached Tetsuya.


“Hyoga, wasn’t that a little rude?” Shun asked. The Cygnus Saint shook his head. They two of them had meet her more or less by accident when neither could stand to wait around the mansion any longer. He hadn’t realized they might be find anything useful here. It was just luck Shun had seen one of the girls from yesterday. He hadn’t been paying enough attention to have recognized her.

“She was hiding something, Shun. I’m sure you noticed it too.”

“Well yeah, but couldn’t that have been because she still in shock from yesterday? She was attacked by a monster after all…”

“I don’t think so. It’s almost like she was too calm. Like what had happened yesterday wasn’t anything at all. Wouldn’t a normal person who had just been attack stay away from the area? Even it was only for a day I think she would have been absent. I doubt she would be calmly going to school…and besides….” Hyoga narrowed his eyes. “Did you notice that when I asked her about the attack she went pale and wouldn’t meet my eyes?”

“And she did try to leave right after that too…” Shun still sounded uncertain. “But still, what could she know? I didn’t even sense any cosmo from her.”

“I don’t know.” Hyoga sighed. “But at the very least, we know that she knows something about that wolf-man. And we have to find out what that is.”
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